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I definitely know some people who are Francophile because of fashion and food who seem to ignore a lot of, um, less desirable stuff...

Texas: don't mess with Texas!
Union Army: LMAO

Oddly there are two type people who celebrate today, one is fine and generally good and the other should fuck off this planet and hope they fucking rot in hell soon

Reading about steel production in the 30's and how the quality of German iron ore had a major effect on the whole Nazi regime is just something you don't really think about but it is important even if very very technical.

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Also there are times where one person true seems to make the difference between two events that do reshape history. If Napoleon had been killed during the terror what would the world look like? Surely it would be different but fundamentally so? I have my doubts

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Nothing in history was set but also it was always constrained. I think that's why big man history can be attractive, the idea of some big person reshaping history individually against the tide we all feel pulling us along limited options. A lot more personal power which we understand better and honestly it can be a lot more attractive then the more broad view of history

Losing a flagship generally is not a good. Also if it wasn't a missile hit and just sank because of poor weapon management it is a real bad sign about the state of the Navy. The USN maybe okay with the Fat Leonard corruption level and collisions (there were several from exhausted bridge crews) but if the flagship of a fleet just exploded and sank there would be heads rolling.

I would make a joke about how old the USA leadership and how it is like late USSR vibes but they were younger than our leaders

In the Civil War the Confederates were far more globalist than the Union (a tiny minority basically got the states to fight for their right to literally own people)

China becoming the world's only super power because the USA and Russia keep shooting themselves in the foot with foolish wars

Wages of Destruction 

Amazing how basically the Nazis gave up on unemployment aid in 33 to focus on military build up. There is this myth about the Nazis that they did employment work and workers like them. This is all not true, much like the modern GOP they were manager and owner party. If the previous conservative party didn't push such deflation perhaps the Nazis would never had a shot at winning (also a lesson for today as the USA pushes for deflation)

Robert Lee was over rated as a commanding officer. He was also a horrific human. He was a slaver and hopefully is roasting in hell as I type this

I love mocking the confederacy. Bunch of racist losers who will always be racist losers and nothing will ever change that

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Hungary Poland and Russia 

It is odd how much Poland and Hungary have a lot of similarities (right wing, unfair election, antisemitic and antiLGBTQ+) yet they split on Russia with Poland not friendly at all and Hungary their closest friend in EU and NATO

War Crimes 

Awful. Not that it will get much media attention from anyone. Mali and Russia just committing war crimes here

war crimes 

I also would not be talking about executing 93 people (Russia said they were soldiers in civilian dress trying to flee from the war, which seems like a bad thing to do, I mean you want other troops to run away and not shoot them right?)

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