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Feeling pessimistic about humanity because at least when things looked dark, let's say in Rome during the Western fall, you could look just to the East and things were okay and further afield no one even noticed but today climate change will affect every single human

The surrender of Germany in World War 2 is only two pages, Jared Kushner thinks that shows how un-serious they allies were

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Bragging about a page count for a negotiation paper is not a good brag FYI

If we lived in Ancient Rome we would be consulting the Sibylline Books between pandemic, hurricanes and fires

I may not always drink Brandy but when I do it is Napoleon Brandy petition to change Bluetooth to Napoleon because let's face it, one is more famous! Who knows about old King Bluetooth!

If you don't ask what happen to the last admin I won't say what happened

Looking at the local and only seeing my posts
:Chef kiss gif:

Cities may lose their importance or place but most survive in one form and or another. There has been waxing and waning but to declare a city over because of this pandemic is short sighted and I suspect more about the person writing "(city X) is over" then real long term trend. I'm sure a lot of people thought NYC was dead in 1970

Rome is over, say this proud Roman
~390 BCE after the sack of Rome by the Gauls

Thinking about banning @napoleon, questionable fellow and I want to block someone now that I have the power

The French Revolutionary navy would likely have done better if the officers were not so conservative. They had better ships and their sailors were no slackers

Ben Shapiro giving short people a bad name

Napoleon greatest failure was selecting Bees as his symbol instead of Ravens

Romans: We can't touch dead bodies (conquer the western world)
Mongolians: Blood is unclean and we can't touch it (conquer the eastern world)

Android is the Holy Roman Empire, a bunch of small states that constant bloat and make it a mess
Apple is France unified and trying to control all commerce in the mainland
Amazon is England just colonizing everything they can get thier hands on

Russia, Russia, no not ringing any bells....

If you want in on just let me know, I'll be happy to have more people here, still setting things up and learning

Allies: if you coalition doesn't work try again, try again, try again, try again, try again, try again, or thank god it worked

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An instance for history jokes and fun times (hopefully). Figuring out how to open it up to others, site under construction like the Grand Army in 1811 ;)