Armenia v Azerbaijan 

Armenia apparently has asked for Russia aid as a treaty allied but so far haven't gotten any. I really feel for Armenia

Russia politics 

Is believe Russian concern for small state sovereignty if it wasn't for the mass war crimes committed to keep Chechnya and Dogestan in the Russian Federation

(me shouting into the void)
The void: I get it okay! Give it a break!!

USSR historical and Stalin 

My theory is but for Stalin great purges of the 1930's and his paranoia the USSR would have been able to deal with the Germany invasion far better, lose far less people and likely would have made it to the moon first.

I find the whole Dreyfus Affair fascinating because I'm a sucker for the 3rd Republic

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I just saw someone say that only one French newspaper defended Dreyfus and the one the cited wasn't even L'Aurore which published the extremely famous bombshell J'Accuse which forced Zola to flee from France and was likely murdered for it

I'm not a fan of the term late stage capitalism. I have no confidence this is late stage. I mean a lot of socialist in 1917 likely thought they were seeing the end of capitalism across Europe. Also I think the idea of history having a pattern instead of chaos is perhaps too optimistic for me.

Politics liberals History 

A lot of the current liberals jumping over to the conservatives because "social issue focus instead of economy" sound a lot like the Dixiecrats of the previous age. Just they jump into much more corporate money and prestige then their intellectual forefathers

The bloody Red Legged Devils have the most monuments on Gettysburg field. They were also given the honor of carrying the fallen John F Reynold body from the field.

Just thinking of Gen Pillow who resigned from the CSA, immediately begged Davis for reappointment then was kicked out but Davis gave him his rank back. Really great state you ran down there you racist fucks

Also July 3 when slaver Major Lee was defeated by the Union at Gettysburg and had to run away with tail behind his ass. Fuck Lee

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Yeah, I celebrate the 4th of July

When the Union army took Vicksburg from the treasonous slaver rebels and took full control of the Mississippi river! Fuck the confederacy

I don't believe in heroes, I do believe people can do heroic acts. Some people do things that a heroic beyond what I could imagine.Yet they are all people who have faults. I think that is actually more inspiring, even if they were a jerk/cheap/etc they still did something amazing, something we can all do. We can't be gods but we can do something heroic

I'm an adult so I can have as many enemies I want and as little friends as I want

The biggest issue with taking down Confederate statues is that it took this long to do it

Fuck the Confederate States of America and all of it's supporters.

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Confederte States 

The attempt to laundry his reputation only hurts those who actually fought against slavery and racism even if their state were in the confederacy. They were represent what we should celebrate, not some plumped up asshole who was a fucking slaver. Fuck him, remember those who should be

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Lee of the traitorous Confederte States 

Lee, of the traitorous Confederate states, was not a good man nor a good "general*". I'm not saying this because I hate Lee (I do) and just let that blind me, plenty of awful people were good leaders (side eye Napoleon) but Lee was neither. The only reason people claim otherwise is to laundry the traitorous racist Confederate state as something other than it was by trying to find a "good" person or a "good" leader.

*He only ever was a Col in the USA Army

Recent American history 9/11 

W, who looked like a one term failure, suddenly was leading us to war, any critique was immediately dismissed, Dems rolled over for invasion despite some of the largest protests since the 1970's. The dog whistles become outright calls and white power movement became mainstream while crime was done we were filled with more and more fear. Parents fear sending kids to schools and now they talk about fortress schools.

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Recent American history 9/11 

Thinking about America and clearly we had plenty of issues before 9/11 and the seeds of what could be our fall were well planted and some sprouting well before that attack but in a way it feels like something really did shift, something about constant fear and hardening of America society. Militarization of the police kicked into over drive, the religiousness of the "respect the troops", the white power movement regrouped successfully after the OC bombing (1/2)

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