The video of the MTA new interborough line as it is currently.

War Crimes 

Awful. Not that it will get much media attention from anyone. Mali and Russia just committing war crimes here

3/4th of this group don't want to talk about the 1930-1940's

This seems like good news, hopefully peace can be reached

Ukraine Russia peace talk 

Well, it seems like Russia dropping more of it's demands. I'd hope we can reach peace that will last because war is awful stuff.

This isn't good. I think the food for this season is under rated store and the FDA should start acting so there is enough food for everyone and not just the global rich

We have done small nuke before, we had nuke shells for battleships and most famous, the Davy Crockett nuke system

Those lost Japanese troops who fought for years after the war "ended" right all along...

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Ukraine politics Nazis 

Sorry, I'm not going to be mad when Ukraine bans a party that is closely linked to National Bolshevik and this is their symbol. I mean they were banned in Russia

Gleen Greenwald not sure what the point is 

Honestly I could see this and agree if it is about how we don't care about American war crimes and bombings but if it is supposed to be we shouldn't care about any war crimes, I'm not sure it works

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