Lee of the traitorous Confederte States 

Lee, of the traitorous Confederate states, was not a good man nor a good "general*". I'm not saying this because I hate Lee (I do) and just let that blind me, plenty of awful people were good leaders (side eye Napoleon) but Lee was neither. The only reason people claim otherwise is to laundry the traitorous racist Confederate state as something other than it was by trying to find a "good" person or a "good" leader.

*He only ever was a Col in the USA Army


Confederte States 

The attempt to laundry his reputation only hurts those who actually fought against slavery and racism even if their state were in the confederacy. They were represent what we should celebrate, not some plumped up asshole who was a fucking slaver. Fuck him, remember those who should be

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Fuck the Confederate States of America and all of it's supporters.

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