Recent American history 9/11 

Thinking about America and clearly we had plenty of issues before 9/11 and the seeds of what could be our fall were well planted and some sprouting well before that attack but in a way it feels like something really did shift, something about constant fear and hardening of America society. Militarization of the police kicked into over drive, the religiousness of the "respect the troops", the white power movement regrouped successfully after the OC bombing (1/2)


Recent American history 9/11 

W, who looked like a one term failure, suddenly was leading us to war, any critique was immediately dismissed, Dems rolled over for invasion despite some of the largest protests since the 1970's. The dog whistles become outright calls and white power movement became mainstream while crime was done we were filled with more and more fear. Parents fear sending kids to schools and now they talk about fortress schools.

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