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I rule this instance with an iron fist and a big shout out to Talleyrand! I'm sure he is not stab me in the back

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Wages of Destruction book reading 

Funny how the trade unionists thought they could work with Hitler after the enabling act. Organized a joint May Day celebration

May 2nd the Nazis took over all the trade unionist

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Thinking of the art dealer who during WW2 sold Vermeer art to Herman Goering. After the war he was arrested as a traitor and his defense was that he actually was a master forger and they were all fake. Turns out he was and they were so the court said "cool, stealing from Nazis is cool". The lesson is, steal from Nazis is fine and cool

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covid, death 

#COVID killed roughly 1.9‰ of the global population over the last two years and left lots more still suffering long term effects. Let that sink in for a moment before laughing about people still wearing masks and avoiding crowds and indoor gatherings.

Left wing paramilitarism thoughts 

Not that I'm saying don't protect your self or don't try to do things, just that it is dangerous to put our eggs in one basket when that basket is, in my opinion, flimsy. Foundation building isn't fun or glamorous but essential for something that will last. Look to our fascist foes who have multiply attack approaches (think tanks, christian religious, paramilitary, propagandist, business groups, civic groups and so on)

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Left wing paramilitarism thoughts 

Also to be honest the infighting amongst the leftist can really lead to doom too, one big advantage the communist had in the Russian civil war was that the whites were just so completely incompetent both militarily and politically. We can't count on that good luck (plus the reds had the military rank and file on their side which I doubt we have today in the USA)

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Left wing paramilitarism thoughts 

Also the very structure of the US media is rooted in capitalism which right wing military does not at it core threaten. I don't have the answer but I do worry that paramilitarism is a false hope that will not lead us to the victory we do need. Peasant revolts are normally crushed at the end of the day because in our modern world the military (and in USA the militarized police) have such fire power I don't see how a few leftist could possibly win

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Left wing paramilitarism thoughts 

I have very deep suspicion that left wing paramilitarism will work about as well as right wing paramilitarism and likely far far worse overall. The right wing was most successful by pretending their paramilitary had nothing to do with them, bunch of lone wolves and the media was absolutely cool with that because they could not handle the truth after Oklahoma city.

One depressing thing about history is how little power one person has to affect change out of the blue. Things take time and a mass of people to create a situation where small actions can have greater effect. It sucks to see how little power we have sometimes

Napoleon had many issues but inviting the pope to your coronation and then just doing it yourself because fuck you Pope is just cool

Russia and comments on Hitler 

The foreign minister picking up the old attack that antisemitics are actually Jewish people and Hitler was Jewish is just wrong. Really shows a complete lack of historical understanding and doesn't help their positions as the leading anti-Nazi power (which was a joke anyways). Picking up a Hans Frank conspiracy is not a good thing

politics USA presidents history 

I can't decide who is the worse president in my lifetime, W or Reagan

The video of the MTA new interborough line as it is currently.

The best part of history is when fascist die especially in funny ways, like the Spanish fascist who died in a plane crash because he packed too many uniforms for himself

If you are celebrated Confederate Memorial day yesterday fuck you racist asshole and the Confederates were a bunch of racist losers

Me: I want a nice little history focused instance
Also me: ugh, Nazis and fascist like history too and I don't want to deal with them

Mastodon is crumbling and many are blaming Orleanist and Legitamist

I'm the only True Emperor of France, we don't talk about Russia and fuck Nelson will never shut down. It will be exiled the instance I forget about every other day that I run

Sadly Napoleon Grill has turned down my offer to sell to them for 102 dollars a share for 10,920 shares. Sad day indeed

Trying to figure out when to shave to mutton chops

Still waiting for Napoleon Grills to respond to my request for sponsorship

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