The Court of Pretender President Trump will be in Florida, same state as the Court of the Pretender Napoleon...🧐

Personal confession 

I'm a Howeist over Washington

Hot German take 

If France had deployed it's armor better it would have been close, their tanks were better. If the Germans had gone with the original invasion plan I doubt France would have fallen like it did. If Stalin had not purged the Army and actually allowed competent leadership and allowed withdraws it would have been far harder for the German army to advance as far as it did if at all.

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Hot German take 

WW2 German army wasn't that great actually, mostly got lucky break here and there that made them look a lot better then they were

One of the key moments of World War 2 was the battle of Khalkhin Gol, where Soviet forces defeated Japanese forces in Mongolia and lead to a peace treaty between them that would hold until the last months of the World War. Without it Russia could have faced a two front war and Japan could have had a different strategy completely

You: OMG, Trump is going to Walter Reed!!
Me: You know the tower at Bethesda Navy Hospital, where Walter Reed was moved into, actually has a fascinting history, let's go back to the 1940's and issues of defense spending and planning...
You: (mute this user)

I will not stand for the slandering of Attila the Hun by the modern GOP

This maybe my main, like Byzantine after the fall of Rome

Sometimes people take their interest too far (he says as he snuggles his life size Napoleon body pillow)

President USA Politics 

Eisenhower is one of the most over rated president IMHO. He talked a great game, no doubt but when push came to shove he bent

Probably my biggest shift in historical thinking is from big man history that I leaned in High School to more nuanced understanding. It is easy to slip into big man history, it speaks to out to our love of stories and is a lot easier to understand

Nazi history Germany 

I'd point out that the conservative leadership in Germany removed the ban on the Nazi Brownshirts that had reduced street violence because they used the increase to justify the conservative power seizer. They made the mistake of thinking the Nazis were their tool instead of the other way around.

Nero played the flute as Rome burnt we bought stocks as the world burns

Top 7 Books That He Maybe a Bonapartist
1) Napoleon autobiography
2) Campaigns of Napoleon
3) Lord Wellington, Lucky Ducky
4) Nelson? Nelson who?
5-7) Abridge Napoleon Code

Creating a hell thread of just my own alts

Sad news, Dead Horse Bay, once home to horse rendering plants and up to 2,000 residents is closed due to radioactive waste

Rename the Washington Football team the "Army of the Free" and every halftime have them somehow beat up some confederates. I'd be a DC fan for life for that

The spread of coffee was the greatest thing humanity has done IMHO

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